About Timely Attire Company



I'm Ava Francesca ("Frankie" for short) and my life goal is to be mistaken for a time traveler...

I tend to travel to areas that are economically depressed... former company towns and failed railroad stops that are little more than a dot on the map now. I love to photograph disappearing places and tell the stories that I find along the way. When I'm navigating backroads with the aid of map books, I can never pass up a rural antique store or estate sale. Unfortunately, I can't be on the road ALL the time (see: WINTER), so I pass some of the time at home with my vintage sewing machines.

Sewing was a skill that I learned from an early age, back home in Connecticut. My mom made her living creating prototypes of outfits for mass-produced porcelain dolls and worked from home out of the "ideal" sewing room. When she wasn't creating replicas of Shirley Temple outfits for 18-inch dolls, she was sewing clothes for me. It was only natural that she would eventually teach me how to sew my own clothes. I look back on those years with admiration and inspiration every time I walk into my workshop. She passed her love of fashion and textiles from her mother to me.

After making my own clothes for a few years I began dressing my friends in custom dresses, skirts. When I am not making clothes, I am studying.  Currently, I am working on both my B.A. Advertising and M.S. Global Strategic Communication at Loyola University Chicago. 

Timely Attire Co. is a one-girl outfit where I reproduce and remix vintage patterns from the 1930s through the 1950s with a new eye and an appreciation for pockets. My belief is "If it can't be vintage made, then it can be vintage machine made." My sewing studio consists of functional machines that range from 1929 to 1965, with the exception of my serger, which allows me to give a modern finish to vintage style. To complete the look, I also carry vintage finds and accessories that I find on my travels. It’s all so cute, you won’t care if you’re late!